Why I should write a mob movie

Why I should write a Mob Movie
By me

I just finished watching The Godfather Part III. First of all, I'm wondering who decided to allow for Andy Garcia to play an Italian. The whole movie I was expecting for him to speak with some kind of Spanish accent. And whenever he threw out some Italian words every now and again, I was quite baffled. I'm much more of an Italian than Andy. And that's just because I have an Italian last name.

In MY movie, there will be no funky ass casting like the Andy Garcia fluke. There will also be no incestuous relationships either. Because old country or not, that shit ain't right.

What will be in my movie you ask? The best fucking death scenes cinema has ever seen. People are gonna get whacked in some crazy ways that only my special self can come up with. Because let's face it, it's not a mob movie without some unique death scenes with dramatic music playing in the background. And of course they'll be family drama and blah blah blah. And Robert Dinero will make a cameo because it's not a real mob movie without him.

Point of this essay, watch out for my movie to drop in a couple of years. It'll be an instant guido classic.

this has been brought to you by boredom and The God Father Part III on showtime

P.S. I HATE Cater2U. Bullshit is what this song is. I DARE a man to step to me and tell me to cater to him like they sing about in this song. My name's not Kelly, Michelle and it sure as hell isn't Beyonce. Shit. I'm gonna write the remix. Cater2me. Now go bring me my slippers, my dinner and maybe you'll get some dessert and nothing more. You're gonna cater2me :)
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